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Seasol Seaweed commercial concentrate 20Ltr

Seasol Seaweed commercial concentrate 20Ltr

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    Seasol Seaweed Concentrate provides a 100% organic, scientifically proven treatment for all plants, at all stages of growth, from seedling to maturity and beyond.

    Seasol is a 100% liquid seaweed plant conditioner that provides a synergistic range of natural compounds, trace elements, alginates and carbohydrates from a blend of brown kelps.

    The seaweed is not harvested from living stands, but sustainably sourced from storm-cast material collected from remote locations that are free from pollution. This ensures the highest possible quality and consistency in every drum.

    Seasol is a plant stimulant used to boost plant metabolism. It is 100% soluble and can be applied either to the soil or the foliage. It is designed to provide benefits that complement your existing fertiliser program. These benefits result from a general increase in overall plant health.

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