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Grow Bio Organic Fertiliser
  • Grow Bio Organic Fertiliser

    Introducing Grow Bio Organic Nutrient Fertiliser, an excellent choice for any gardener to nourish their plants, lawn, and vegetable gardens. This Australian Certified Organic liquid fertiliser is a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilisers and seaweed-based products, designed to provide excellent nutrition for your flora without causing harm to the environment. Made from sustainably farmed chicken manure, Grow Bio Organic Nutrient Fertiliser is suitable for use with soil or aquaponics systems.


    Features and Benefits


    • Eco-friendly: Eliminates the need for harmful chemical fertilisers
    • Cost-effective: Provides a low-cost solution for nourishing your plants
    • Versatile: Suitable for lawns, vegetable gardens, indoor and outdoor plants, trees, and commercial crops
    • Certified Organic: Made from sustainably farmed chicken manure
    • Aerated Lid: Allows the microbiology in the bottle to breathe, ensuring product effectiveness


    How to Use


    • Determine the appropriate Grow Bio Organic Nutrient fertiliser variation and quantity for your needs
    • Mix 10-20ml of Grow concentrate with 1 litre of water
    • Choose an application method, such as soil soaking, foliage spray, or a combination of both
    • Apply the diluted fertiliser to your plants, garden bed, or lawn as needed
    • Monitor the health of your plants and reapply as needed


    Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For


    Grow Bio Organic Nutrient Fertiliser is suitable for all types of plants, including trees, lawns, natives, roses, bonsai, orchids, vegetables, ferns, indoor plants, and more. It is especially useful for gardeners looking to transition from chemical fertilisers to a more sustainable, eco-friendly alternative. This fertiliser can also be used for preparing garden beds for planting, seedlings, cuttings, seed propagation, worm farms, and composting.

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