Description & Benefits:

Seasol is derived from a uniquely Australian Bull Kelp which is collected from the remote beaches – it is not harvested from living marine forests.

It contains growth stimulants, trace elements, potassium and alginates. Seasol induces thicker and stronger cell walls in plant leaves and reduces the incidence of damage from insect and fungal attacks.


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  • Flowering and Fruit Set: The use of Seasol as an organic plant health tonic significantly improves the benefits of a balanced nutritional program for optimising fruit set and delivering more consistent yields, year after year.
  • It can be used during times of plant stress.
  • Seasol treated plants are more able to cope with heat, drought and frost.
  • It gives plants better resistance to sucking insects and fungal attack.
  • It makes applied fertilisers more effective


Available in;

  • 500ml
  • 1Lt
  • 2Lt 
  • 4Lt
  • 8Lt

Ready To Use Hose On;

  • 2.5Lt RTU
  • 3Lt RTU (Lawn)


  • 5Lt
  • 20Lt
  • 200Lt
  • 1000Lt

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