Scotts Lawn Builder with Weed Kill

Scotts Lawn Builder with Weed Kill

Description & Benefits:

Scotts Lawn Builder + Weed Kill Lawn Fertiliser is a slow release granular lawn fertiliser with added herbicide. Lawn Builder + Weed Kill feeds the lawn while exterminating a range of common lawn weeds.


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Suitable for

All types of lawn grass EXCEPT buffalo grass, carpet grass, Santa Ana couch, lippia, dichondra and other broad-leaf lawn substitutes.

Use against

  • bindii
  • dandelion
  • plantain
  • creeping oxalis
  • clover
  • catsear
  • chickweed
  • capeweed
  • wireweed
  • and other broadleaf lawn weeds

When to use

Lawn Builder+Weed Kill is best applied in late winter, spring and in autumn. Do not use in the heat of summer.

Why Lawn Builder™+Weed Kill works so well

The slow release fertiliser releases nutrients at about the same rate that grass roots can take the fertiliser up so there is no wastage, run-off to waterways or damaging surge growth.

Added Mecoprop & Dicamba Acid is effective against broad-leaf weeds.


Available in;

  • 2.5kgs
  • 4kgs


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