Scotts Lawn Builder Regular

Scotts Lawn Builder Regular

Description & Benefits:

Scotts Lawn Builder Regular is a slow release, granular lawn fertiliser.

It is Australia’s most popular lawn fertiliser and has an excellent reputation with both home gardeners and professional turf managers


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Suitable for

All types of lawn grass including buffalo grass.

Do not use Lawn Builder Regular on lawns less than 8 weeks old.


Quick facts

This fertiliser has an NPK of 21.6 : 1.1 : 4.1 and contains

  • 4.2% iron
  • 0.92% sulphur

When to use

Apply Lawn Builder Regular in early spring, early summer and again in autumn.

No need to water in immediately. Check the forecast and apply before rain is expected.

Grass will green within one week of receiving moisture.


Available in;

  • 2.5kgs
  • 4kgs
  • 8kgs

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