Description & Benefits:

Sirflor provides plants with the full amount of nitrogen and can be mixed with potting mixes or base/side dressing.

In Sirflor approximately two-thirds of nitrogen is insoluble in water release of nitrogen in through microbial activity of the soil. The remaining one third of the nitrogen is water soluble. Release of nitrogen in Sirflor can last up to ten months as nitrogen is available during the plant growth cycles when micro organisms are most active.

UF 38-0-0


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  • Bio-activity of the N in synchronisation with root activity
  • does not cause phytotoxicity (low salt index of 1.5 as compared to ammonium sulphate 70, urea 75 and ammonium nitrate 105)
  • facilitates the microbiological activities of the soil (organic carbon content)
  • assists in preventing the softening of tissues of flattening and limiting the onset of fungus and aphid attacks
  • counteracts nitrogen drawdown in soilless mixes


Available in;

  • 20kg bags

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