Macracote Coloniser Plus

Macracote Coloniser Plus

Description & Benefits:

Macracote Coloniser Plus is a biologically coated controlled release Fertiliser

In addition to the important role of controlling the release of nutrients as per the desired longevity, Macracote Coloniser Plus range of fertilisers are specially designed to colonise the root of the plant by introducing a consortium of Australian bacteria and Mycorrhizal fungi (with over 24 strains) through soil media.  These include Azobacter, Azosprillum, Rhizobium, Myxobacteria, Pseudomonas, Bacillus, Phosphobacter, Tricoderma, Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhixal (both endo and ecto) and cellulosic fungi.


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The benefits of Macracote Coloniser plus are:

  • Better root development
  • Extended shelf life of container grown plants
  • Improved top growth and flowering
  • Increased tolerance to water strees and diseases
  • Reduced turn around time for nursery to market
  • Protection against transplant stock for the end user


Protection against possible transplant shock is of significant value to the end users as various reserches and trials have suggested that plants colonised with benificial soil microbes survive and grow better in heterogeneous and unpreditctable environments.




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