Seasol PowerFeed

Seasol PowerFeed

Description & Benefits:

It provides a rich source of nitrogen, potassium, trace elemnts and amino acids to boost growth and colour in flowers, fruit and foliage.


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  • promotes vigorous growth
  • stimulates flowering and fruiting
  • enhanced colour in flowers, fruit and foliage
  • adds liquid compost to soil
  • acts as a clay breaker
  • increases nutrient availablity and uptake
  • reduces nutrient leaching in sandy soils
  • stimulates beneficial soil microbial activity
  • safe and effective on all plants including roses, natives, citrus and acid lovers


Available in;

  • 500ml
  • 1Lt
  • 2Lt 
  • 4Lt
  • 8Lt

Ready To Use Hose On

  • 2.5 Lt RTU


  • 5Lt
  • 20Lt

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