Euca Laundry Soaker

Euca Laundry Soaker

Description & Benefits:

This powerful Soaker can be used as a pre-wash overnight or added to your wash. You can also add a touch of water to a scoop in order to make a paste to sit on tough stains.

Can also be used on carpets, upholstery, and does not contain fillers or perfumes.


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  • Commercial Grade
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Grey Water Suitable
  • Low in Phosphate, Soduim
  • Contains no Fillers
  • Better for Your Machine (Non-Corrosive)
  • Low Allergen



Available in;

  • 1kg - $12.99 inc
  • 2kg - $18.99 inc
  • 4kg - $34.99 inc
  • 8kg refill carton - $59 inc
  • 10kg - $79 inc


* prices are ex Dandenong warehouse and do not include freight


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