Complete Bug and Insect Spray Imidacloprid

Complete Bug and Insect Spray Imidacloprid

Description & Benefits:

Sharp Shooter Complete Bug and Insect Spray Imidacloprid for control of aphids, thrip, white flies, mealy bug, sap sucking insects, hibiscus beetle, azalea lace bug and harlequin beetle. For use on ornamentals, shrubs, flowers, citrus trees, vegetables, fruit trees and indoor plants. Chemical product.


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When to use: Late afternoon and dusk is the ideal time to spray, do not spray during the heat of the dayduring the warmer months or if the temperature exceeds 35 degrees.


  • Systemic- gets into sap stream of plant
  • Lack of insect immunity
  • Broad spectrum- kills and controls a wide range of pests
  • Does not persist in the environment, breaks down into inert by-products
  • Environmentally friendly, safe for people and pets

Available in;

  • 250ml concentrate
  • 500ml concentrate
  • 750ml ready to use

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