Scotts RTU RoundUp

Scotts RTU RoundUp

Description & Benefits:

Roundup is a deceptively fast worker.

After initially spraying Roundup on to a weed, you might be forgiven for thinking nothing much is happening, apart from some visible yellowing of the leaves and stem after 48 hours.

But, that’s just on the outside. On the inside of the weed, nothing works faster than Roundup. The systemic action takes Roundup right down to the weed’s growing points and, put simply, kills the weed from ‘inside out’.

Most importantly, of course, because Roundup kills the roots, you can rest easy knowing the weed’s not coming back.


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  • Convenient ready mixed weedkiller
  • First effects seen in 48 hours
  • Spot treatment to kill most weeds over an area of up to 30m2 – 1 litre is enough to kill approximately 600 weeds
  • Allows for replanting in 7 days
  • Child resistant pack


Available in;

  • 1Lt RTU

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