HG Turf Shademaster Lawn Seed

HG Turf Shademaster Lawn Seed

Description & Benefits:

Our special ShadeMaster blend of mainly turf type tall fescue seeds quickly grows lush and green, in shade or in sun, and requires little maintenance. The deep root system competes for surrounding moisture and nutrients and provides a store of food for the lawn to endure shaded conditions. Shadeamaster will not grow well in very heavy shade.


Seed Mix (Approx by count)

  • Turf Type Tall Fescue - 74%
  • Fine Fescue - 12%
  • Fine Leaf Ryegrass - 14%


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  • Ideal for shaded lawns
  • Deep root system, saves water
  • Low maintenance
  • Green all year round


Available in;

  • 1kg

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