Euca Pet Shampoo

Euca Pet Shampoo

Description & Benefits:

Euca Pet Shampoo is a high foam and quick rinse soap shampoo that contains an anti-bacterial formula.

This shampoo wil help heal and cleanse wounds and cuts due to the anti-bacterial nature of the product.

Once you've finished washing your pet, the left over water can be thrown straight onto the garden, or, if your pet has an outdoor shower, the residue can be washed away with no fear of harming your lawn, plants or drains.


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  • Commercial Grade
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Grey Water Suitable
  • Low in Phosphate, Soduim
  • Contains no Fillers
  • Better for Your Pet
  • Low Allergen
  • Leaves Your Pet's Coat Fresh and Shiny


Available in;

  • 750ml - $9 inc



* prices are ex Dandenong warehouse and do not include freight


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