Euca Dishwashing Liquid

Euca Dishwashing Liquid

Description & Benefits:

Euca Dishwashing Liquid with tea tree and lemongrass oil improves natural cleaning, deodorising and sanitising. 

With the added benefit of a rinse aid, it boasts a spot free finish even when drip drying. Strong and safe to use on both dishes and flooring such as tiles, laminate and timber boards.


It is important to note that as this item contians no fillers and additives, it will not bubble and foam as much as a regular supermarket brand liquid. You also use a smaller amount than supermarket brands.


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  • Commercial Grade
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Grey Water Suitable
  • Low in Phosphate, Soduim
  • Contains no Fillers
  • Better for Your Machine (Non-Corrosive)
  • Low Allergen



Available in;

  • 750ml - $8.99 inc
  • 4lt - $32.99 inc
  • 10lt - $80 inc
  • 20lt - $139 inc


* prices are ex Dandenong warehouse and do not include freight


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