Description & Benefits:

Whoflungdung is no ordinary mulch. It's composted, biologically activated and contains nutrients. The mulch also helps retain moisture and warmth in the garden, providing the ideal environment for increasing biological activity and improving nutrient uptake. 
As well as all of this, Whoflungdung aids in restricting and reducing the growth of weeds and is environmentally safe.
One 20kg bag will cover 4-8 square metres, depending on how thick you want to layer it over your garden beds. 

This product is also certified organic!


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  • absorbent
  • retains moisture and warmth
  • Australian Organic Registered Product
  • reduces the growth of weeds
  • sustainably sourced
  • contains good bacterias and is environmentally safe


Available in a 20kg bale $23.75. Price excluding GST.

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